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The Story.

A note from the Founder: 


Having just walked away from a career path set for me in finance, I craved passion and purpose. In an indefinitely extended two week vacation to Hawai’i, I came to know incredible individuals I can call forever friends. They are both teachers, and their enthusiasm for education and the community inspired me. I then applied for an education assistant role at Kahakai Elementary School to pursue a career in education. I was overwhelmed by change, but excited. 


I was out surfing one day when the idea came to me. An energetic young girl paddled over and we began chatting. She shared that she was a senior at a local high school. I asked what her plans were after she graduated - her hope was to attend nursing school, but she missed the deadlines to apply. 


Here was a bright, ambitious, young girl who missed a deadline because she had little resources to help her navigate the complicated process of applying to college. The student possessed the drive and knowledge to submit a successful application, but she needed someone to guide her through the process and provide encouragement.


She inspired the idea of creating an organization that would provide guidance for students about post secondary options. College counseling packages cost over $3,000 on average - that is ridiculously expensive and widens the college counseling equity gap. I would like to create a model that provides access to these resources to anyone wishing to use them, along with encouraging a passion for learning among students. This will become a place for students to create a path for their future and connect with other driven students.

Here is the switch from future tense to present tense. Because this is happening.


This is a safe, supportive environment where community members can find advice, mentorship, and inspiration. We strive to create a community where relationships are built and maintained; once a student moves on to the next stage in their lives, they are encouraged to connect back with future generations. We are here to support and challenge students regardless of whether they are finishing their high school degree or applying to four-year institutions. We provide more than just assistance in filing a FAFSA form, we offer a place where you can meet inspirational individuals who will change the way you view your future. 

We have the value that, “Everyone defines success for themselves.” I had the “dream job,” except it wasn’t MY dream job. We assist students in creating their vision, dreaming big, dreaming bigger, and achieving it. Help students see possibilities they might not have even imagined. College is a path that will help many people reach their goals, but it is by no means the only path. While taking their financial situations and aspirations into account, we will help students determine the most responsible, inspiring, and beneficial path to their potential. 

It is our goal to be a catalyst for students' dreams and to inspire them to become future leaders.

The Present.

This is only the beginning. 

Offshore is in the initial stages of incorporation and will be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Offshore is creating a comprehensive plan to empower high school students to pursue their passions. Two programs will launch in Summer 2022. 

The Future.

“Build it and they will come” 

Offshore will have a physical location modeled after a coworking space. The energy will encompass a modern coffee-shop, Boys & Girls Club, and entrepreneurship accelerator program. 


At the core, there will be a structured program for Junior and Senior high school students that will navigate them through high school graduation and post secondary education options. In addition, here are other ideas Offshore plans to implement:

After school homework centers with floating tutors

Drop-in counseling hours

Seminars and evening classes with motivational speakers, community leaders, and field experts

Mentorship mixers

Group campus tours 

Community volunteering outings

Parent/Guardian financial aid nights

Career fairs


Our plan is to build additional spaces and centers to help kindergarten through eighth grade students as soon as we have established upper school programs.

We will focus on building confident and self-aware young adults in our 8th grade, freshmen, and sophomore programs. Students will keep track of their progress and growth in the program, and will be provided with opportunities to become community leaders through volunteering and tutoring. Goal planning and applications require self-reflection and self-awareness, so the earlier students begin to practice and have something to look back on, the easier application season will be. 

With both upper and lower school programs, students will be able to participate in a structured mentoring program. High school students can tutor for general education classes and mentor younger students. This future program will be a great way for older students to connect with the community and gain leadership experience.

Turning our dreams into a reality. Want to do the same? Join us. 

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