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Fall 2022 Fast-Track Admission Program
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Who is this for:

Ideal for high school seniors who plan to apply to college or university in the fall and are looking for help navigating the process.


A four month program for students to get a handle on the college application process. This program will walk students through the application process week by week. Students will meet for one hour a week in a small group setting with 3-5 students to learn about the process. Students will then have optional hours after each session to work with one-another, speak with the Offshore team, and get a head start on their work with other students.


By the end of this course students will have submitted their applications and given the resources to help make their attendance decision. Along with submitting an application, students will learn valuable time management skills, self-awareness, and have a space to collaborate with their peers.

During this program, students will receive guidance on finding a mentor, collecting letters of recommendation, planning senior year classes (AP Tests/college credits), and overall guiding structure for the process through a series of guided instructions and individual take-home assignments. Students will collaborate with Offshore and other students to develop a list of activities for their resume, thinking strategically about career options. 


Students will leave this program feeling organized and prepared to finalize and submit applications in the fall. A follow-up meeting will be held once a month with each student starting in December and through May to help them make a final school decision. 

This program is free for all participants.

Time | Dates

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 16th at 4:00pm. We will then meet every Tuesday for the next four months.


A detailed schedule of meeting dates will also be given after sign-up. If you can not attend this time and would still like to enroll, please enroll and we will place you in an alternate group time. 


The course will be held in a meeting room 5 minutes north of Konawaena High School. Students will receive the exact location after they sign-up for the course. Students will also receive all supplies and materials on their first day. 

How to Sign Up:

A maximum of 15 students will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we are oversubscribed, we will consider adding another session. To guarantee your spot, please register as soon as possible. Any questions? Please contact us. 

1. Click the Join Us Link below and sign up for the Fall 2022 Fast-Track Admission Program. Please answer all the prompts when creating a member profile on our website. Your information will not be shared with the public. You will the receive an email with further details within 24 hours on information about the program. 

2. Attend the first session. If you are not able to attend the listed time, please let us know in follow-up communication and we will find a time to meet you. 

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