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Advising & Mentorship on the Big Island

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Offshore is a community dedicated to helping lifelong learners achieve their post secondary education goals. We assist students in dreaming big and dreaming bigger. Helping students see possibilities they might not have even imagined. College is a path that will help many people reach their goals, but it is by no means the only path. While taking financial situations and aspirations into account, we will help students determine the most responsible, inspiring, and beneficial path to achieving their goals.
Offshore will be a non profit organization that is in the initial stages of incorporation. Donor support is essential to the success of our students. In addition to grants, we hope to develop a network of donors and advisors to help us achieve and surpass our goals. If you want to join us on this journey and are deeply passionate about helping the incredible Big Island community, connect with us to find out about donation, volunteer, and employment opportunities. 


This is only the beginning. 


What we do. 

This is just the start our journey. It is exciting and inspiring. We are thrilled to develop and roll out the first program for High School students looking to explore and build their future paths. 


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